How to Create a Mautic Plugin: Step 2

Create Mautic Plugin Tutorial Series

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5 Responses

  1. Enzo dell'Aquila says:

    I can’t wait over for next part. When we can read the full guide?

    • dbhurley says:

      Soon! We’re working through it a little bit at a time, and should be getting the next installment next week. Thanks for the encouragement and let us know if you think of something else you’d like to see!

  2. Ben says:


    I want to send information from Mautic to suiteCrm. I know that there is already a integration that push leads from Mautic to SuiteCRM but I need a custom one, I just want to update some fields on the lead or add an opportunity (etc..).

    I decide to create a new Plugin with my custom SuiteCrmIntegration but I can’t make it to work.

    I’ve created the Plugin structure, the Integration appear in Campaign > Push leads to Integration. Is this the correct way to do what I want?

    I am new in Symfony and I don’t really know what should I do next… could someone please write me the exactly steps I have to make, also how do I make debug to this Integrations? when I run the cron is shows that the events was run ok.

    Also if there are other config steps to make in Mautic interface?

    Where should I add the curl (api) code? in what file?

    Thank you for any response and sorry for my english.

  3. jm says:


    Was just wondering when we could get to read the next part?

  4. Isby says:

    I second Ben’s comment.

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