Idea Proposals for Google Summer of Code

Mautic and Google Summer of Code 2016

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  1. Mike says:

    That’s awesome that Mautic might be participating in Summer of Code. Love the idea proposal for heat mapping. That would be a really cool addition to Mautic.

  2. nick says:

    IP lookup to fill-in the database. What would make Mautic very powerful and skip expensive paid solution cost gap for many I think is calling a known reliable IP database and slicing up the subscription for small responsible marketers as the tech can get scary if misused. Here’s what I’m thinking:

    VisiStat -hook into. Not sure on the B2C reliability, but should be good for B2B. Least expensive access to this data I’ve seen at about $50/mon. Think it’s mostly a JigSaw – LinkedIn call on data. Been playing with Charlie App in beta got me thinking, accuracy for me on e-mail guesses has been spotty.

    NeuStar IP Intelligence Package- believe Rapportive and a lot of others pull data from them. $.012 per query I think. If someone built a tool that trafficked a single subscription to many Mautic users calls, paid for the bulk access, could add a fee on top, bet a good recurring business for someone or Mautic itself to keep this going healthy amongst us small business users and devs who can’t afford the advanced packages or our lower visit volumes. Data always needs to be maintained, honest recurring revenue stream. Think many of us would be more than happy paying 2cents per with a duplicate cap for returning users to help close data gaps with requesting form fill from users.

    DemandBase Data Cloud – $40-$50k blanket access I think.
    TowerData – seems bit outdated but was a player

    I did a lot of research into this not long ago looking for a solution used by bigger cos. I have other providers I vetted awhile ago. This could all be effectively white labeled by many small devs serving small biz. Think many of us paid for poor lists more than once.

    Saw a featured contributor on here Mr. Nguyen mention what I only saw one company recently doing think in Beta and coined “Programmatic Direct Mail” seems what he’s interested in. This is responsible marketing as not just blasting junk mail. Many of these IP databases may be able to enable this additional idea of direct mail followup with an address guess. Having done a lot of old skool direct in past, paying someone for something experimental on a “CPC basis” for a mailing doesn’t make sense this stage. But may be worth playing around with even small biz if you know how to work batches through USPS cost effectively.

    Some ideas. Thought would be great to explore as Summer of Code project. Hope I’m making sense with my stunted sentences. I can dig out a few more data sources I have notes somewhere on.

    About Me – Experienced former big co product and marketing manager bootstrapping small event business where large percent of ticket sale is charity. Lots of challenges …ever look at todays ticketing solutions and at a $12 ticket price keeping it low overall fees for attendees? Imagine if movie theatre gave $1 +cc fee + service fee each sale. Kills the business. Been watching Mautic, above is what I’d love to see and shouldn’t be too difficult to implement as there are lookup tools similar pulling data for set limit or beta for free. Effectively you’d be a reseller of the data to Mautic partners effectively white labeling for their clients or in-house business. Thought I’d put it out there somewhere. Love to see someone build this, and unlike many other projects, it’d generate revenue much like say a merchant processor does service-leadgen-client interface as added revenue channel for the data warehouse. They don’t want to deal with us small fries.

    All the best.

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