Creating a Double Opt-In Email Campaign

doubleoptin mail box

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  1. Rob Gurley says:

    For marketers that market to Canada and Europe, you also need a way to “expire” opt ins after a certain amount of time – asking them to reconfirm their interest near the expiration date. This gives you a timestamped opt-in, and it also serves to keep your email list fresh – so you don’t keep sending emails to someone long after they’ve left a company and had their email address converted into a spam trap

    • dbhurley says:

      Absolutely. This is a great point to keep in mind. There will be local and regional laws you’ll have to also keep in mind when organizing your lists. You’ll want to make sure you adhere to all of these options and build them into your campaign structure.

  2. Demetrio says:

    Good article Alan!

    For Agencies and consultants would be interesting if we could insert some basics campaigns like this in the new accounts, an export/import campaign.

  3. Mike says:

    I’m quite confused about how you continue the lead down the path after this into another campaign.

    For example, I have a 30 day campaign that I want someone to be a part of. They opt in and then get added to Pending. They get the email to confirm their subscription, then they click the link, confirm it and are added to the Confirmed list. How THEN do I get them into the campaign I wanted to send them prior to them needing to confirm their subscription?

  4. Daniel says:

    Just a heads up as i spent a hour faffing with this

    Make sure you are not logged in to Mautic. Mautic doesn’t track logged in admin users. Try to open the link from the email in different browser, incognito tab or log out from Mautic.

  5. Dirk says:

    Strange, I think I set it up as described here. However, now after 4 trials I got 4 times confirmation emails (for the double option), I 4 times clicked the confirmation and received the acknowledgement for it.

    However, I end up with 4 leads still in the pending list. None of them moved to confirmed. Also – statistics from campaign itself are empty. Are there any known bugs? What could I have missed?

  6. Mae says:

    it doesn’t work with mine. I mean, it does but not with the – Visit Page.
    I did everything what the forum says.

  7. willame says:

    just a question

    I did some tests and found that when a visitor signs up in the form it automatically is already in the system contacts, do not need a link to confirm.

    if the visitor repents and do not click on the signature confirmation, this is not a way to cheat?

    the visitor can do a campaign to badmouth blog / site

    It has some way to make it mandatory, before going to the system contacts the visitor has to click on a confirmation link.

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