Marketing Automation and CRM

Bridging the gap from marketing automation to CRM

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  1. Rob Gurley says:

    Your “marketing automation saves lives” header got me thinking – it’s definitely true that marketing automation (when used correctly) optimizes marketing departments, but I think some of the reluctance in large organizations to go towards marketing automation is a desire to AVOID the type of accountability and closed-loop reporting that M.A. entails.

    For example, if you’re working in a marketing department that never used marketing automation, introducing the software platform and the business processes implies a change to the status quo – and there is fear that you’ll end up being fired / losing marketing budget as the role of marketing changes along with the new system. I just wrote an article where I found that the average company w/ a marketing automation platform actually INCREASES overall marketing spend because of higher content volume and better ROI reporting – so I think this fear is a bit overblown. Marketing automation helps companies identify areas where they aren’t spending their marketing budgets efficiently, and they can reallocate those resources elsewhere.

    • dbhurley says:

      Great point Rob! I think you’re absolutely right. The fear of lost budgets and more accountability (or fear of the unknown) can be a crippling one and certainly something that restricts forward progress. I’m glad to hear your research has proven otherwise. We’re publishing a few more pieces this week on the same topic regarding “fear of the unknown” and the “scariness” of marketing automation. Hope you enjoy them as well when they’re released!

  2. Lance Smith says:

    “Marketing automation allows you to lead nurture your potential leads along the sales cycle without your direct involvement and time”. – dbhurley.

    What you’ve written is increasingly ‘not so’ in the real world. Why? What you’ve not mentioned is prospects and leads are usually in multiple sales funnels, not just yours…and they’re being nurtured via multiple systems (again, not just yours) – all equally doing a fine job.

    What do you do when your competitors are nurturing your prospect and lead just as you are? You get directly involved and consume your time. If you doubt that look at the explosive growth of the CRM and how people are abandoning salesforce and running to…and why? The calling feature. The ability to make phone calls from your CRM is the #1 in-demand feature in a CRM. People want to get directly involved with their time….even at the middle of their sales funnel.

    • dbhurley says:

      Thanks for the feedback Lance, I agree that multiple sales funnels are a reality. In fact, as long as there have been marketers there has been competition for sales and for the attention of the prospect; long before marketing automation ever came to be.

      There are many things I cannot speak to definitively and I am sure there are many trends which demonstrate the increasing importance of a personal and direct involvement. There is one thing often missed though in this line of thinking. Just because you automate your lead nurturing does not mean you cannot still be personal. Marketing automation, when done right, means you are uniquely tailoring your marketing campaigns, your lead nurturing, and the entire experience to the specific needs of each prospect. You must be personalized if you want to succeed; but this does not mean you have to pick up the phone for each prospect immediately. Of course I would never deny there are times when this is important and very useful. Cases like you have mentioned attest to that.

      I’m glad for your comment because it reminds me; I keep planning to publish more on the topic of personas which I believe helps to address this situation in more detail. I hope this will be a useful resource as well.

  3. Martin Wyler says:

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