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  1. Rob Gurley says:

    The whole “meaning of colors” thing has always seemed like pseudo-science to me. I have yet to see a well-controlled peer-reviewed study demonstrating consistent psychological effects of specific colors. I can’t imagine that, even if those effects existed, they’d be crosscultural. Even the examples in this particular infographic completely go against the “concepts” presented by each color. Blue = Openness? Yet… Internet Explorer, Blu Ray Discs, and Intel? Personally, I think color is a purely aesthetic choice, and justifying color selection w/ pseudo-psychobabble is just trying to add credibility to a disrespected industry (design).

    The Coca-Cola article is interesting. I used to work a lot w/ Qualcomm’s beacons – integrating them into mobile applications for wayfinding and in-mall marketing. I’ve always wished that food trucks would use beacons, and those beacons could trigger an alert on a food-truck app (Yelp, maybe?) to let me know when my favorite trucks were in the vicinity.

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