Why Isn’t My Email Marketing Campaign Being Delivered?

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  1. Amanda Reid says:

    For me the most important issue in the maximum delivery of letters – a legal database. From the first time I found a service, which forbade the newsletter on the basis of purchased addresses (in my case – well-known SendPulse service http://www.sendpulse.com ). I am very greatfull that at the start of my work in email marketing, he did not give me the right to choose, now I have a great result!
    So my key rules are:
    1. Do not engage in spam.
    2. Ask the consent of recipients for the newsletter.
    3. Update your database of addresses.
    4. Do not use the purchased database.
    5. Keep the confirmation of the legality of your database.
    6. Let’s take the opportunity to unsubscribe from the subscription right.
    7. Beautifully and intelligently compose messages.
    8. Consider the requirements of spam filters.

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